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Hannah Schzde ("Sheez-dae”) is a singer/songwriter and violinist born and raised in Mexico City. Rhythmic and complex, her melodic style reflects her love of dance. Hannah draws the majority of her musical inspiration from her roots and culture, leaning heavily onto percussive rhythms, “protestor spirit” and colorful visual metaphors that blur lines between reality and imagination. 


In 2011, Hannah immigrated to the U.S. to pursue a degree in Music from the University of Massachusetts Boston and jumpstart her music career. After earning her degree, Hannah became immersed in the indie, jazz and folk music scenes of Boston and continues to fuse those elements into her music. “My music can be described as eclectic indie; I draw elements from very different genres including but not limited to the rhythmic sounds of Latin America, the symphonic textures of western concert music, the ethereal atmospheres of goth music, and the electrifying sound of pop,” Hannah explains.

Her self-titled solo project: “Hannah Schzde” debuted in 2018 with single “Ni Una Más,” a protest song to raise awareness and funds to end gender-based violence and discrimination. In October of 2020, Hannah released “Will Let You Go,” which represents a hybrid of her identity as a Mexican woman living in Massachusetts. She urges her audience  to dance or move in whichever way they would like to express themselves the best when they listen to her music. “Even if it is a sad song such as ‘Ni Una Más,’ I believe that a lot can be communicated and transmitted to the audience if you can get them to stand up and dance,” she says.


Hannah is no stranger to the stage, as she’s performed as violinist for different ensembles and bands at prestigious Boston venues such as The Middle East, Sally O’Briens, Once, The Canopy Room, Makeshift Boston, Oberon, and The Sinclair.


When Hannah isn’t performing, she’s teaching. “In the last few years I have discovered my love for teaching and my abilities as an educator. As a person who struggled a lot in the classroom, I strongly believe that no student should be left behind. I put a lot of focus on working with each of my student’s individual strengths and abilities and I cater to their specific necessities and learning skills,” Hannah says. Another hobby of hers is growing and taking care of plants. She runs an urban gardening Instagram blog called Create Life Not Trash where she shares tips on everyday eco-friendly practices and garden updates. 


Hannah’s newest project is titled “Shine.” This single sheds light on the similarities between the effortless beauty of nature and that which is innate to all of us, both inside and outside. It’s an uplifting and empowering song that inspires listeners to really believe “we are all here to shine.” “Shine” will be available on all streaming platforms beginning April 23, 2021. Be sure to pre-save it now and keep up with Hannah on her socials: 

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